Sleek Series - Where Sleek & Flexibility Meet Together!


What does “S” mean to you? “S” could represent Smart, Scent, Speed, Sleek. For us, “S” is the next generation of washroom hygiene products. The Sleek Series Washroom hygiene products are designed and built with the user-in-mind, focusing on user-friendliness, ergonomics and durability. Our Sleek Series proves that it isn’t only about hygiene, but about the enjoyment and pleasance in the washroom, heightening the experience.

Sleek Series, made in Malaysia, is one of the premium brands at Daitona General Trading LLC. Everything from Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser to Tissue Dispenser and Air Freshener Dispensers are made from the finest materials with the primary focus of pleasing the customers and users. With it's minimalistic and sleek design, the Sleek Series range allows all of its products to fit in well with any and every ambiance and/or décor. Taking its elegance and beauty into consideration, the Sleek Series range is also provided at a very reasonable price which is better than many of the competitors in this industry. 

As the sole distributer of the Sleek Series range of products, we are honored and delighted to supply our customers with the best of the best of products to ensure that their experience using our products is the best too. 

Sleek Series Products:

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