Window Squeegee Stainless Steel (45CM) - IPC Pulex - Made in Italy-RSPXTERG70035-Daitona General Trading LLC

Window Squeegee Stainless Steel (45CM) - IPC Pulex - Made in Italy

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  • Pulex Glass Wiper of 45 cm length is an appropriate product for proper cleansing. It has three main components which are the ruber blade, handle (with a securing spring), and a supporting channel. The product can be disassembled completely into these three components.
  • It is a professional way to clean windows. The wiper can be used as a scraper also because it is flexible and the blade holder can be easily fitted into the handle with its scraper blade. The handle comes with a soft rubber grip that can be fitted into the telescopic poles.


  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Length : 45cm
  • Product Code : RSPXTERG70035

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