Megamini Mastermatic Sensor Dispenser (Black) - Celtex - Italy-CX92400-Daitona General Trading LLC

Megamini Mastermatic Sensor Dispenser (Black) - Celtex - Italy

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Celtex Megamini Mastermatic auto-cut towel dispenser is an effective towel dispenser that cuts a napkin of 28 cm length in one go. It has an ornamented box visible in the front with a meter that shows towel consumption and replenishment requirement.

It is made of plastic material and is used for V, C and Z folded hand towels. You can easily see when the product needs to be refilled and can do the needful. The paper towels are put inside in rolls. This product can be effectively used for commercial purposes.

 Celtex hand towel dispensing system minimise bacteria spread and keeps the paper hygiene standards high, while reducing consumption and adding a touch of design to the bathroom./p>

Product Code : CX92400

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